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The Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) is going to expand the busy motorways between Schiphol, Amsterdam and Almere: the A9, A10, A1 and the A6. The A9 will moreover be expended between the interchanges Badhoevedorp and Holendrecht. The Directorate General intends to reduce the number of traffic jams, create better access to the northern Randstad and enhance the living conditions. A total of 12 kilometres of new baffle boards (noise reduction) will be fitted alongside the A9 and near a number of slip exits.

The motorway will be expanded from three to four lanes over a section of 1.3 kilometres between Badhoevedorp and Holendrecht. Coverings will be fitted at the Oude Dorp, the Stadshart and Bovenlandpad. The living conditions on this section will be improved compared to the current situation with the construction of the new baffle boards. Green areas will as much as possible be preserved and created in the process.


The A9 between Ouderkerk and Aalsmeer was opened in 1969. In 1976, 56,500 cars used this road on a daily basis. In 1986, the number of cars was 80,000 per day and in 2014 130,000. More than 160,000 vehicles are expected to be using the A9 on a daily basis up to the year 2030. The Directorate General must make sure that all these cars keep moving smoothly and safely. 

Outline schedule


Medio 2020 Start of construction work
Medio 2021 Construction temporary bridges Kazernepad and Amsterdamseweg, demolition current fly-overs and construction DDI Keizer Karelweg
2022 Construction bypass and temporary exit 5 north sid
End of 2022 Traffic starts using the bypass
2023 Start construction nothern lane
2025 Start construction southern lane
End of 2026 Completion of the Badhoevedorp–Holendrecht project. All of the traffic will use the new A9
2027 Start work on roofs by the municipality of Amstelveen

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Please note, project website and newsletter are in Dutch.

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